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Learn how to execute the Rear Naked Choke using proven concepts demonstrated by top athletes like Gordon Ryan

The Rear-Naked Choke! One of the most effective submissions in grappling. But often one of the hardest to secure!

Are you having issues securing the Rear-Naked Choke?

Do you find yourself fighting to obtain your opponent’s back wasting tons of energy just to find yourself in a handgrip fight with your opponent to secure the rear-naked choke?

Do you find yourself abanding the position to secure a month or an armbar because you can’t get around your opponent’s rear-naked choke defense?

Then This Is The Course For You!

What Will You Learn From This Course?

In this course, you will learn how to systematically secure the correct positions over and over again to execute a perfect Rear-Naked Choke. These course concepts are proven by high-level competitors. The course is less than 30 minutes long with detail content. and illustrations to walk you through each concept. In addition, we provide downloadable material to help you understand and execute the sequence during your training.

This course is a comprehensive case study of how Gordon Ryan attacks the back with the rear-naked choke leading to a high percentage submission game against well-known opponents

Who Is Gordon Ryan?

Gordon Ryan has proven himself to be one of the most talented BJJ practitioners currently competing in submission only matches. A Renzo Gracie Black Belt and Member of Jonh Danaher’s infamous Death Squad, Gordon has a professional career record of 115 Matches. He successfully won 32 of those matches by submitting his opponents with the Rear Naked Choke. In 2017 and 2018 he displayed his ability to secure this submission against high-level opponents in the following competitions:

  • IBJJF Nogi World Championship (black belt)
  •  Quintet 3
  • IBJJF Pan Nogi (black belt)
  • Kasai Pro 1
  • EBI 14

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Our beloved boss @zaurbek_khasiev is displeased with the lack of submissions and level of stalling in recent @acb_jj events. What we must understand is that we are PROFESSIONAL athletes. Theres a difference between being a professional athlete and an amateur athlete. When you're focussing on winning worlds in the gi all you have to focus on is winning because its an amateur event. Ibjjf isnt paying you to win and they won't lose money if noone is interested in watching you lay on top of each other for every match after scoring an advantage. @acb_jj on the other hand has given athletes a platform to compete consistently for real money. When you become a professional athlete you now have 2 jobs. You have to not only focus on winning but also focus on being entertaining. Focus on being someone people will pay to watch. If noone wants to watch you because you're boring then companies cant justify paying you. Whether you're exciting on or off the mat you need to be exciting in some way. That's why connor McGregor is the highest payed fighter ever. Hes both exciting inside AND outside of the cage. Most high level jiu jitsu athletes have the personality of a card board box and dont do shit after scoring 2 points. For the 1st time we are beginning to be paid like real athletes. And its OUR job not just to win. BUT TO WIN IN AN EXCITING WAY THAT PEOPLE WANT TO WATCH. If we cant do this then jiu jitsu will just end up like wrestling.

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We studied and discovered 11 Key concepts he used to successfully secure the rear-naked choke.

Our study reviewed a clear and systematic approach to securing the rear-naked choke from back control. This approach involves an arm wrapping method that strategically secures and traps your opponent’s arms not allowing your opponent to defend your systematic attack by rear-naked choke.

Here Is What Is Included in this course

– Detail explanation of 11 key Concepts To Gordon Ryan’s Back Attack (Independent Case Study)

– Mind Map of the concepts

Added Bonus:

G-Roll Introduction Course: Learn A Complete Half Guard System Called The G-Roll

Course Curriculum

Arm Trap System and Back Attack
Securing The Arm Trap System from The Back Control 00:00:00
Setting Up The Arm Trap 00:00:00
Once Obtaining The Grips Which Side Do You Fall Too? 00:00:00
Neutralizing one side 00:00:00
Two against One Position 00:00:00
Completing the Choke 00:00:00
Back Hooks Verses Body Triangle 00:00:00
Countering Possible Defenses To The Arm Trap 00:00:00
What to do when your opponent doesn’t let you fall to the proper side to perform the arm trap system? 00:00:00
Mind Map
Gordon Ryan Study Of The Rear Naked Choke Mind Map 00:00:00

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