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How Easy It Is To Create Your First BJJ Online Course

Creating Your First BJJ Online Course

Congratulations! You are taking the first step to making your knowledge of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Global. The best part it is simpler then you think. This article will show you how to make your first BJJ online course in a few minutes.

Let’s Begin!

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Once you complete the course, you are ready to go forward!

  • First Step is to find a topic! We suggest you choose a very niche topic, to begin with. You might be saying, “Why choose a very niche topic when I have so much to offer?” The simple answer is this, online students are looking to find specific content to a particular problem or game plan they want to get better at. The most successful BJJ online course platforms are niche. Here are a few examples of some online courses we are sure you have heard of:
    Gordon Ryan’s Pressure Passing by BJJ Fanatics
    “Leglocks – Enter The System” from John Danaher by BJJ Fanatics
    Lapel Encylopedia by Keenan Cornelius
    Women Empowered by The Gracie Academy
    What can we learn from these examples? Simply that niche courses are targeted and convert the highest for obtaining students.
    So what are some effective ways to find hot topics? We suggest you simply make a course about what you are good at. So, if you have an awesome half guard game, then do that and choose your topics in that manner. Why? Because content is king! Good content brings students and social sharing and referrals. If people find your content good and useful it will be mentioned more on social media and will drive more attention to your course.
    If you are stump for ideas, no problems. We suggest a simple tool provided by ubersuggest. It is a keyword finder, that shows you the volume of searches Google receives for that term in its search engine. It will also suggest similar terms. Click here to check it out
  • Step Two: Once you found the topic for the course it is time to create a video of your lessons. We suggest using devices you already own. You can use your Smart Phone to begin the process. The best way to present a video for a course is to break down each topic into a lesson. This way the student can review a technique or detail without having to go through the unnecessary video footage. So, Here is an example of how you should structure the lessons to your BJJ online course:
    Lesson 1: Close guard foundations
    Lesson 2: Retaining the closed guard
    Lesson 3: Grip Sequence for closed guard submission setups
    Lesson 4: Sweeping from the closed guard
    and etc…….
    We are sure you get the point from the above example!
    Now we recommend using Youtube to upload all your video. Why? Because it makes it easier to upload your video regardless of size. By doing this you are not restricted by file size in our system. You have to mark the video as unlisted and embed the link youtube gives you into our your lesson. This video will show you how you can upload your videos and set them to “unlisted” with Youtube or Vemo.

Step Three: Login to your account and create your first BJJ online course.

Creating your first course
Creating your lesson plans and finishing your course
Add your Youtube Video Ifram Link into your lesson

And that is pretty much it!

  • The Final Step: Submit your course for review. Our staff will review your content to ensure you are compliant with term standards. Once the video is reviewed our staff will publish it on our market place making your video live for the internet to purchase.

Do we offer assistance in creating courses?

Yes, our staff can help create the course using the content you produce. At this time we do not offer film product services. We can assist with editing and setting up your content for the course in our system. Prices for this service may vary. Please contact us for more information.

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