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Become An Online BJJ Instructor

Become An Online BJJ Instructor




Become An Online BJJ Instructor

Make a passive income by creating BJJ Online Courses

This E-Learning Platform is open to all accredited BJJ Brown and Black Belts

Inspire BJJ Practitioners: BJJ is an amazing martial art! Training is demanding, intense and addictive. Spreading knowledge and skills are part of the training. Now you can do it part-time and globally by using our E-Learning platform to create online courses. Instruct about your specialties, skill set, basics or what you are passionate about. The BJJ Community wants to learn!

So How Does It Work?

  1. Open a free account with It is 100% Free. You must be a qualified BJJ Brown or Black Belt to enlist in this program.
  2. The Next step will be to create your BJJ online courses. Our marketplace is looking for unique courses. We want you to produce a curriculum that exhibits your area of expertise. Your course should be a system. NOT a series of techniques. We encourage our instructors to produce a concept and system based instructional of a specific position or technique. This is what makes the internet instructionals more value in improving people’s BJJ. Practitioners are looking for concept and system based instructionals to add to their games, answer problems and improve there performance.Every Instructor Account Comes With The Following Features:Course Management: Front end course management features, add students, remove students, see student activity, scores, reports, statistics and more.–User Dashboards: One stop area to update & notify Instructors and Students. Show statistics, graphs, news, downloads and much more.

    Notifications, Messages & Emails: Inbuilt notifications, messaging and emails at 30+ action points to keep students and instructors updated.

    Badges & Certificates: Award course badges and certificates. Certificate code validator and share your achievements on social networks.

    and many more features…


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